Week 23 – Nick Offerman

Nick Offerman

Nick Offerman is Ron Swanson

My day job is as a minion for the University Book Store in Madison, WI. Today we had Nick Offerman in store. He was in town as part of his tour to support his new book, Gumption. I decided I had to ask him if he would let me snap a quick portrait of him before leaving. I figured the worst he could say was, “No”. He couldn’t have been nicer, and he graciously allowed me to snap this shot.

I can’t thank him enough for allowing me a few minutes of his time to snap this portrait today. I asked to give me his best Ron Swanson stink eye. As if he had just taken me to a steak house and offered to pay, and I ordered a salad. Nailed it.

Technical details…lit with an Einstein in an Octa overhead and slightly in front of him. I used a piece of white foamcore to bounce a little fill light back in to the scene. Edited in Lightroom & Photoshop using NikSoftware.



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June 5, 2015